Bideltoid Measurement For Helicopter Passengers

We Train the Doctor or Nurse.

We are available to travel to your site if required to measure your team or train a measurer

We are approved to teach Doctors, Medics and Nurses how to measure individuals and to update the vantage system,

CAP1145 directive indicated that from 1 April 2015 the Civil Aviation Authority would prohibit helicopter operators from carrying passengers on offshore flights whose body size, including required safety and survival equipment, is incompatible with push-out window emergency exit size.

This measurement programme addresses this issue by providing the information necessary to designate XBR from non-XBR individuals.

The Woodside Safety Training team are approved in this measurement technique and are only a phone call away to answer all of your questions you may have on becoming a registered Measurer.  Here are the frequently asked questions

  • What would be the cost to visit us? this depends on distance,  so please ask for a quote,
  • How much if we came to you? £200.00 per person,  pay directly below.
  • Where is the training based if we didn't have a site visit? In Hull on Beverley Road, Full details will follow after payment.
  • How long would the training take? you need to book out between 2 to 3 Hours subject to class size
  • Is there a certificate issued for the training? Yes from the Step Change web portal
  • How long is the certificate valid for?  Four Years and we can supply you with a online refresher course after this period
  • Do you provide the equipment for measuring & how much does it cost?  Contact Wells offshore  Phone: 020 8256 6360
11.Joining Instruction - Measurer Course 2022 (1).pdf